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Christian Homeschoolers in the Peninsula "CHiPSoccer"of Virginia

What is CHiPSoccer?
A homeschool daytime soccer option for families in the Virginia Peninsula.

CHiPSoccer is a cooperative Christian homeschool soccer club where one adult from each family volunteers in a role on the field. We play in three fields in three different locations: Williamsburg, Newport News, and Hampton. We have all games and practices on Wednesdays from 1:00pm-3:00pm. All your children will be able to play at the same time and at the same park. Each week you will either practice at your home field, play an away game at one of the other two fields, or host a game at your field. Throughout the 10 week season, you will only travel twice away from your home field of choice. At the end of the year we will have a Field Day where all three fields can play against each other at one park.

Primary volunteer jobs include field coordinator, coach, assistant coach, on-field assistant (formerly known as team mom), babysitter and equipment manager. 

CHiPSoccer is available to homeschooled children ages 4 to 18. We have a Fall and Spring season each year. Fall registration begins early-August. The official 1st day of practice begins mid-September and lasts through mid- November. Spring registration begins mid-February. The official 1st day of practice begins mid-March and lasts through mid-May. 


  • When does the spring 2023 season start?

    • The first practice is March 15. Last day is May 17, 2023.​ We are planning on May 17 as our Field Day.

  • Can my 4 year old play?

    • Yes! The U6 team is ages 4 and 5!​​

  • If I coach U8, where will my 2-year-old be during soccer time?

    • We have babysitting at the playground for kids ages 0-3 for coaches and on-field assistants.​

  • But if soccer is during the daytime, my spouse won't be able to see our child play.

    • Yes, that's true for those spouses who work during the daytime and don't have a chance to take off work. That was a tough fact for our family to get used to as well. But we wanted our weeknights and weekends free. There's always the option of playing with the other soccer clubs in town, but this was a choice we made for our family. This style of daytime soccer won't fit everybody's preference. You will need to choose what is best for your individual family situation.​

  • Are beginners allowed?​​

    • Yes! Our first season (fall 2022) we had a wide mix of kids: some that had never played and some that were familiar with the game. We encourage everybody to play regardless of skill level. 

  • What are the age ranges? ​​​

    • U6 - Ages 4-5

    • U8 – First and second graders, or ages 6-7 

    • U10 – Third and fourth grades, or ages 8-9 

    • U12 – Fifth and sixth g raders, or ages 10-11

    •  U15 and/or U19 – Junior High and High School, or ages 12-18 

  • What is the U in the name anyway!

    • It means U6 are the kids Under 6 years old.​

  • Is this Co-ed? 

    • Yes, both boys and girls play on the team.​

  • My daughter has special needs. Can she play?

    • ABSOLUTELY YES! Please email me and tell me how we can accommodate her! ​

  • My son is almost four years old and really wants to play. Can he play?

    • Great question! Our Board of Directors has decided to allow children who will turn 4 by June 1 to play in the previous spring season and children who will turn 4 by Dec 1 to play in the previous fall season. ​

  • Do I have to be a Christian to participate?

    • ​We ask families to agree to abide by the Statement of Faith / Nicene Creed in conduct and speech during their participation in CHiPSoccer. This means anyone can participate as long as they agree with their conduct and speech. We will have prayer and devotion at the practice/game each week.


CHiPSoccer Is On A Mission:

To help strengthen families for Christ by 1) taking away the burden of kid sports practice on weekday nights and weekends, and 2) by bringing back Family Dinner Time!

family dinner.jpeg

Mission: Reclaim Family Dinner Time!

Homeschool families need more daytime sports options. Nighttime is special for our families, to eat and share a meal when we are all home together.  Our days are long and busy. Dinner time is a place to connect with our kids' hearts, not to mention saving money by cooking our own meals. We do not have to succumb to the world's schedule for our family running to and fro to soccer or dance or baseball three nights a week and weekends. It's time to take a stand and RECLAIM this vital family dinner time! And this is what CHIPSoccer is all about - practice and games are one day per week during daytime hours, leaving the precious nighttime hours for the family.

Will you join us?

Stay Tuned for More Details on How to Reclaim Family Dinner Time!

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