CHIPSoccer Volunteer Positions

Soccer Commissioner -

Request field permits with county, get insurance renewed yearly 

Send emails at the beginning of the season to all families

Address issues that can arise with any family/ conflict resolution.

Help Field Coordinator know what to do in different situations. 

Constant communication with Registrar 

Send out payment reminders to Treasurer for Field Permits & Insurance

Approve any spending before the request is sent to CHIPS Treasurer.


Registrar -

Sets up registration and works with Field Coordinators to link to signup geniuses for each field.  Trouble shoots registration problems, places t-shirt & coaches shirt order

Gives Field Coordinators spreadsheets for them to create rosters for their fields.  Send roster (to include addresses) to Soccer Commissioner for Williamsburg/York County/Hampton, upload roster to Google Sheets with the same number of tabs - for Williamsburg/York County/Hampton.

Works with Field Coordinators to distribute shirts.

Works closely with the Soccer Commissioner


Equipment Coordinator-

Purchases all equipment for all three fields and stores it in between seasons. Works with the Equipment manager of each team to see what is needed during the season. Leads the Equipment managers in the collection of equipment on Field Day.


Field Coordinator (One of each position is needed for each field) - 

Sets up Sign-Up Genius for field before registration.

Monitors the Sign-Up Genius to ensure that the number of slots for each position are appropriate to the number of players registered.

Monitors the registration and checks that each family that registers a player has signed up for a volunteer position on the Sign-Up Genius.

Uses the spreadsheet given by registrar to create rosters for the team mom coordinator & coaches

Rosters should include:  player name, location of parent on field with emergency phone number, and important medical info, parent emails

Works with other field coordinators to determine season’s schedule - Make sure to include Commissioner, Registrar, & Equipment Coordinator in the email loop when making decisions 

Communicates  through emails to all families of their field on a weekly basis - include devotion, forecast the season

Opens each practice with prayer & announcements

Is the point person for the field to make sure that everyone has what they need

Prints devotions & game schedules for the coaches that did not print their own

Makes the call to cancel practice/game due to inclement weather

Works with other Field Coordinator to create Game Day Schedule - template

Send Soccer Schedule to Soccer Commissioner - with start/stop time, game & practice schedule

Remind team parent to stay with equipment until checked in with Equipment manager on field day 


Assistant Field Coordinator/Floater

Being an assistant FC is an excellent way to get familiar with the responsibilities of the coordinator before becoming one for following seasons.

Provides assistance whenever necessary - ie - coordinating Field Day details

“Stands in” for the field coordinator whenever they are not available.

Has a willingness to substitute for other positions when necessary (e.g. team mom or babysitter)


Equipment Manager (one per field)

Gets all equipment from the Equipment Coordinator or Soccer Commissioner before the start of each season if you are not storing it. (Must have vehicle capable of doing this)

Passes out equipment to team moms on opening day. Brings coolers full of water.

Checks in with team moms now and then to see if they are in need of something or if an item has broken and needs replaced. Reports to Equipment Coordinator who will purchase all items. If there is no Equipment Coordinator then they will work with the Treasurer to order equipment needed.   

Keeps track of who has all the equipment.

Distributes T-shirts when they become available from the club.

Maintains the “swap” box & the lost and found box  - takes them home & and brings them to the field each week.

Works with Equipment Coordinator or Board Secretary on Field Day to collect and itemize equipment. Gives report to Equipment Coordinator who will take all equipment home until the next season.  Stores the equipment for the next season if there is no Equipment Coordinator. 

Most work is done at the beginning and the end of the season which can free you up during the season to watch your children play.


Coach -

Coaches are the core of the volunteer pool. They are vital, not because of their knowledge of the game of soccer, but because they are the ones forming the character of our kids

on the field.

Enthusiasm, excitement and leadership are hallmarks of a coach. While some might be reluctant, all are encouraged to try coaching at least our younger players and progressively move up as their comfort level increases. 

Coaches shirts and whistles are provided.

Attends orientation day “coaches training” and each week of the season provides guidance, leadership, character development, discipline, and soccer skills for a team of

players at one of the various age levels – U6, U8, U10, U12, or U19 (U stands for under so a U8 team has 6 and 7 year olds on it)

Reviews rules and skills each week

Plans and leads team devotions (provided), player stretches, exercises, drills (provided), fun

games, and scrimmages during the practice weeks

Plans and manages player positions on game days

Referee's for own games when official refs are not available

Encourages players throughout the season and gives awards (provided) & certificates  at the end of the season


***U6 coaches - play for U6 ends at 2:30.  Between 2:30 & 3 - the players sit with ball & water bottle, snack will be handed out, coaches & team parents give devotion.  Coaches & team parents - please be respectful of the devotion & listen with the players rather than start cleaning up.

3-3:15 clean-up & player pick-up


Assistant Coach - 

(optional but recommended)

The assistant coach helps in all the responsibilities of the coach. They provide additional guidance and support throughout the year and stand in when the coach is not available. 

The assistant coach position is also an excellent place to start before becoming a full coach during following seasons.

Attends orientation day “coaches training” and each week of the season

Assists the coach in planning and running the practices and games.

Reviews rules and skills each week

May be asked to referee or coach if necessary.

A shirt, whistle and stop-watch will be provided.

Team Mom Coordinator

(one per field)

Facilitates a short orientation session the first day of practice to communicate duties and responsibilities of team parents.

Develops a roster of team parent volunteers per team with links to rosters which is distributed to team parents to access digitally as needed, with contact information of all volunteers.

Distributes a paper copy of roster to each team for team parent(s) to keep in first aid box that includes allergy or medical issues for players along with parent contact information.

Makes sure adequately stocked first aid kits, water jugs and equipment are distributed to each team's parent volunteer(s) in coordination with Equipment Manager as needed.

Insures that each team has adequate team parent coverage for all practices and games.

Communicates needs for equipment or supplies to the appropriate purchaser for the field

Acts as a substitute team parent(floater) for any teams that don't have adequate coverage

Team Mom

Team moms provide assistance to the coaches. 

Attends orientation day “team moms training” and attend each week of the season

Takes kids to bathroom at scheduled and non-scheduled times

Maintains a large jug (provided) of ice water for children to refill their water bottles.

Sets up fields (cones and rope-fields) for the coaches at the beginning of practices for U6 & U8

Basic first aid (kit provided) for injuries

U6 team moms provide extra babysitting help practice/games end at 2:30 pm for parents who

have other responsibilities until 3:00 pm

Sets up snacks signup genius for their team.

Keep equipment during the week (e.g. flags, cones, rope fields, pinnies, water jugs)

Communicates equipment needs to the equipment coordinator

Stay with equipment until checked in with Equipment Manager.

Washes pinnies as needed and at the beginning and end of the season.


Babysitter Coordinator -

(one per field)

Finalizes babysitting positions with the field coordinator

Attends orientation day and run the “babysitters training”

Ensures proper procedures (provided) are followed.

Ensures proper coverage each week by being point of contact for emergencies

For away games, creates a shift schedule to assist home field’s babysitting

Serves as a babysitter


Babysitter -

Quality babysitting is vital for the parents volunteering in other positions to feel comfortable leaving their non-soccer age children for two hours. 

Sitters are only responsible for children of parents on duty. 

Babysitting is only guaranteed for coaches.

Priority to this position is given to parents with young children.

When a parent is not on duty (i.e. coaching, reffing, or being a team mom), then they are expected to pick up their children promptly. 

Watches younger children from the beginning of the session until the parent picks up their


Watches U6 players when they’re released (U6 team moms will assist) on fields with playgrounds

Practice and home games require being on full-time duty

Away games require assisting the home field's babysitter's in shifts as necessary

Brings own toys, games, tents or sun covers as desired (not required)


Please be flexible: jobs may need to be shifted according to need